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Are You Ready to Scale Your Business?
Apply for MWBC’s premier leadership and business growth program for Maryland’s female entrepreneurs!

Application Deadlines
Montgomery County: October 1, 2019 *2 seats remain – apply today!
Prince George’s County: October 13, 2019

WEgrow Maryland (Women Entrepreneurs Grow Maryland), sponsored by CapitalOne, helps competitively position female entrepreneurs for success as they scale their companies into the growth phase of their business lifecycle. The focus of the series is on leadership, longer-term strategic planning and the identity shift from entrepreneur/startup to powerful, successful CEO of a company with a growth mindset. It provides exposure to leadership best practices and operational business guidance that can be immediately implemented in the workplace and position a company for next-level growth.

The program features business experts including:

  • Kim Cayce – entrepreneur, business mentor, angel investor, adjunct professional lecturer at the American University School of International Business, founder and CEO of  Vitamin*E Marketing and Communications.
  • Angie Duncanson – U.S. Marine Corps veteran, business consultant, and MWBC Senior Business Counselor
  • Martha Jimenez – international business consultant, small business entrepreneur motivational educator, and MWBC Business Counselor
  • Coung Quy Huynh – Wall Street trained finance professional, graduate of the Venture Capital Institute, independent financial advisor, non-profit founder and Managing Director for Investments for supporting Excluded Entrepreneurs at Rende Progress Capital
  • Kristina Smith – leadership development and diversity and inclusion expert, founder and CEO of Diversity & Inclusion Strategists
Montgomery County
Location: MWBC Office
Conference Room
Prince George’s County
Location: Bowie State University,
Bowie BIC Conference Room
Session 1: Oct 3 – 8:30am-4:30pm Session 1: Oct 23 – 8:30am-4:30pm
Session 2: Oct 10 – 8:30am-12:30pm Session 2: Oct 30 – 8:30am-12:30pm
Session 3: Oct 24 – 8:30am-12:30pm Session 3: Nov 6 – 8:30am-12:30pm
Session 4: Oct 31 – 8:30am-12:30pm Session 4: Nov 13 – 8:30am-12:30pm
Session 5: Nov 7 – 8:30am-12:30pm Session 5: Nov 20 – 8:30am-12:30pm
Session 6: Nov 21 – 8:30am-4:30pm Session 6: Dec 4 – 8:30am-4:30pm
Graduation: Nov 22 – Location/Time TBD Graduation: Dec 5 – Location/Time TBD

About the Program:

Instructional Approach
Classroom-based learning with a combination of guest speakers/panelists, case-studies, reflection, and facilitated discussions. Reflection activities will be included to ensure participants continue thinking and planning between sessions. The series will be facilitated by a MWBC business counselor who is present through all six sessions. MWBC business counselors will continue to counsel participants beyond graduation to help guide sustainable business growth.
Course Objectives
As a result of participating in this program, attendees will:

  1. Complete a strategic growth plan to scale their businesses.
  2. Expand professional network of like-minded female entrepreneurs throughout the region.
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills to evoke a confident, authentic, and impactful executive presence.
  4. Implement business strategies that will expand client base and increase profits.

Upon completion of the first five sessions, participants will have a fleshed out five-year growth plan. During the sixth and final session, participants will present their strategic plan to a panel who will provide constructive feedback.

Applicant Criteria
Applicants and their companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a female business entrepreneur who owns, operates, or holds a C-level position and directly influences the organization’s strategic decisions;
  • Earn an annual revenue between $150k-$500k;
  • Desire to grow or sell business;
  • Staff at least one employee in addition to the owner;
  • Commit to attending all six sessions (two full-day sessions & four morning sessions) in Rockville or Bowie, MD, for approximately 40 hours of combined classroom and pre-work/homework time; and
  • Be based in Washington, D.C. metro area, with priority given to MD-based businesses.

Application Process:

  • Take our eligibility survey. Click here to begin.
  • Upon successful completion of the eligibility survey, you will be given a link to the WEgrow Maryland online application and payment site.
  • Complete the application and submit your payment.
  • An MWBC team member will contact you with a decision. If your application isn’t accepted for this cohort, your registration fee will be refunded.

Course Descriptions:
Classes will be held at two MWBC locations–Montgomery County & Prince George’s County. Click the session titles below to learn more about each session. 

Session #1: Think Like a CEO
The first session centers around the purpose, vision and values of your company. You’ll reflect on what it means to be the CEO vs. the Founder of the business and the impact that paradigm shift has on your vision of the future. You’ll spend some time understanding your strengths as a leader and discovering how to utilize those strengths to propel your business to the next level.

Outcomes of Session 1:

  • Recognize your leadership strengths.
  • Identify actionable ways to enhance your effectiveness upon return to your business.
  • Articulate your business vision and values through the art of Appreciative Inquiry.
Session #2: Authentically Communicate Your Brand
The second session will delve into communication strategies for effective leaders, examining best practices for internal and external communications. We’ll explore how authentic leaders use emotional intelligence to build trust with clients and staff. Also addressed will be strategies to effectively communicate your leadership brand and company image to critical stakeholders. Lastly, we’ll discuss the tools and organizational needs necessary to communicate with your stakeholders.

Objectives of Session 2:

  • Discuss tenets of authentic communication and its impact on trust.
  • Demonstrate effective communication best practices.
  • Practice providing and receiving effective feedback.
  • Examine how your company’s image is reflective of the community you serve.
Session #3: Promote Your Value Proposition
Effective sales and marketing strategies are the backbone of a successful company. During this session, we will explore business development best practices for strategic growth by examining how to increase sales while sustaining a profit. We’ll address how to pivot your product/service to meet marketplace demands. You will also reflect on your business’s current and future value proposition and explore how to structure a story around your company’s products and services to make an impact and close the sale.

Objectives of Session 3:

  • Refine your company’s value proposition to position your organization for growth.
  • Demonstrate sound negotiation principles.
  • Practice storytelling to capture new clients and close the sale.
Session #4: Develop Your Long-Term Profitability Strategy
This session addresses how to garner the appropriate financial resources for your company through financing methods and business expansion. We’ll explore financing options through joint ventures, angel investors and traditional and alternative lenders to position your business for profit far into the future. We’ll also discuss the benefits of merging with or acquiring another business versus selling your business. The session will wrap up with an opportunity to practice your negotiation skills to propel your business to the desired outcome.

Objectives of Session 4:

  • Develop financial strategies to grow or sell your business.
  • Compare financial aspects of selling versus growing your business.
  • Demonstrate how to analytically access and select the right partnership.
Session #5: Commit to Continuous Improvement
This session will address strategies for you to continue to grow beyond this program. First we’ll explore the construct of corporate social responsibility and its financial, environmental and social impact on your business and the community. Next, we’ll address components of your professional growth, including serving on a board of directors, mentoring and volunteering. This session will also build in time for you to solidify your strategic growth plan in preparation for the official presentation.

Objectives of Session 5:

  • Recognize tenets of corporate social responsibility and incorporate it into your business structure.
  • Identify strategies for professional growth beyond this program.
  • Summarize the key takeaways from each session within the WEgrow program.
Session #6: Presentation
During this session, participants will have an opportunity to present their strategic growth plan to a panel of local business experts who will provide feedback and guidance.

Final Session: Graduation Ceremony

WEgrow Maryland features business experts from the following companies:


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  • Client Testimonials

    “Material was clearly laid out and explained. The instructor was highly knowledgeable and gave practical, real-world examples to make it easier to understand, especially to the broad range of attendees.” 

    ----------------------------------------------- Robin Menge How to Write a Successful Business Plan Workshop attendee