Benefits of Microblogging on Twitter

By Amelia Roberts 

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Many view Twitter as a platform for one-way communication in a very noisy environment. However, much like a radio, when carefully tuned, you may be able to clearly hear the needs of your target audience and Influencers of your field.  A bit of my background: I stumbled upon Twitter for professional use. There was a particular topic I was researching and Google was not being helpful. However, when you use Twitter as a search engine, you will have an ear on live conversations. Below are just some of the benefits of Microblogging on Twitter:

Relationship Marketing

If you are using Twitter for professional use, you can position your solution to your target audience’s problem at the time they voice the need for what you offer. This has been powerful to me and has resulted in offline professional relationships as well as clients. In a similar way, you can use this medium to change the temperature on almost any professional relationship. There is the ability to never have to make a true “cold” call or email again.

Influencer Relationship Building 

Take a look at Influencers or online groups owners who may appeal to your audience…not Oprahs of the field, but choose others.  Select five or so to start, enter these into an Excel sheet of some type.  Take note of their content, genuinely engage with them. Read their blog and comment, add value to their community,  share out their information to your audience and tag them in this share. In this time of automation, my sincere engagement was noticed by  Influencers of the field. This has resulted in my content being routinely shared with their audience. Sharing of this type increases Brand Awareness.

Looking to Build Your Email list?

When you do take relationships offline, be sure to send  your opt-in-link. Another list building method that worked for me is this:

Twitter search “Live Webinar”  + your desired topic. A lot of these free live webinars have a valuable question and answer sessions, this is how I’ve actually gotten emails from people interested in my business.

By implementing these as well as other suggestions,  I had more than a hundred people on my email list prior to having an actual website. If you would like for me to help you increase Brand Awareness via a strong Social Media Strategy, please contact me


Amelia is Owner of Solutions by Amelia and serves as a Social Media Coach.  After facing difficulty with finding online resources for patients in her healthcare role, she started helping others to use this medium more effectively. She works to make sure that the messages of businesses reach their target audience.  Amelia is passionate about ensuring businesses stay relevant in a rapidly changing social media landscape. Follow her on Twitter@RN_Solutions and connect with her on LinkedIn