MWBC Business Consultants are available to help you effectively assess where you are on your entrepreneurship journey. Whether you are just beginning or seeking to grow an established company, our highly experienced counselors stand ready to help you navigate through what can often be a challenging and confusing process. Let MWBC be your accountability partner as you navigate through the entrepreneurship journey.

Some of the services they provide–free of charge and confidential–include one-on-one counseling sessions and peer group discussion sessions where they guide you and other business owners through entrepreneurial challenges.

Get started today, and reach out to your nearest MWBC Business Consultants! They meet with more than 150 women each year and open the doors to other resources, including a network of expert professional volunteers–accountants, business coaches, lawyers, marketing experts, and others–who also provide their mentoring free of charge.

Si usted es propietario de un negocio Latino y necesita ayuda en su idioma para iniciar o hacer crecer su negocio, tenemos servicios de asesoramiento disponibles en español. Comuníquese con Martha Jimenez al 301-355-2206 o para comenzar.

MWBC – Montgomery County
Martha Jimenez – offers counseling in English & Spanish

MWBC – Prince George’s County
Angie Duncanson

MWBC – Frederick County
Karen Kalantzis