As we wrap up our celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month, we’re proud to feature Danette Nguyen, MWBC’s Managing Director. She joined MWBC in November 2022 and through her energy, experience, and vision, she’s already accomplished several key initiatives, including a successful co-hosted Women’s History Month event, establishing new partner collaborations, pursuing grant opportunities to expand programs & services, and hiring talented new staff to strengthen the support MWBC offers its clients. Here’s part of her story:

As an Asian American mom, I take great pride in not only my Filipino heritage, but also my husband’s Vietnamese heritage. Being part of a blended family, it is incredibly important for us to celebrate and honor both cultures. We embrace the richness that our dual heritage brings and make a conscious effort to incorporate traditions, language, and cuisine from both cultures to emphasize the celebration of diversity and inclusivity.

MWBC’s commitment to creating opportunities for individuals to thrive and its dedication to embracing diverse populations are just a few of the reasons why I love being part of this organization. The people-centered, transformative strategy that MWBC embodies truly resonates with me. It is inspiring to be part of an organization that prioritizes an inclusive and supportive environment while fostering collaboration, growth, and the exchange of ideas.