At MWBC, we love to celebrate Maryland’s entrepreneurial spirit and small business success stories. Many of the clients we serve are entrepreneurs of color. We are honored to connect them to training, counseling and funding resources that prepare them to create sustainable and scalable enterprises that build wealth, create jobs, and strengthen our communities. 

During Black History Month, we’re pleased to highlight some Black, women-owned businesses we’ve assisted on their entrepreneurial journey. These women have channeled their passion and talents into successful entities that are making a difference.

    First, we’d like to introduce you to Cara Johnson-Graves, and Jenae Johnson-Carr, sisters, moms, and co-founders of EPIC Everyday, Inc. They founded the company because they were disappointed and frustrated by the lack of apparel, accessories, and home goods that adequately reflected the diversity of the many wonderful tones and textures of mocha-hued boys and girls. Together, they created a kids’ lifestyle brand that empowers children and represents them in a relatable, bold, and beautiful way.  

Cara began working with Angie Duncanson, MWBC’s Senior Business Consultant in Prince George’s County, in 2017. Angie advised her on how to start an e-commerce business and offered counseling and resources to Cara on several occasions. In their most recent counseling session, Angie introduced Cara to her colleagues at the Bowie State University Entrepreneurship Academy, which is co-located with MWBC’s Prince George’s County office. Cara sought connections to a quality production space to film a potential TV show (or shows). Cara and her sister are both HBCU graduates who want to give back by working with HBCU students in an entrepreneurial way, so the referral to Bowie State University was perfect. 

Cara and Jenae have been featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show (see video on right) and in Romper, The Toy InsiderAtlanta Parent and many other outlets and publications. Their business continues to grow and these successful sisters are now featured in an Amazon program that highlights Black-owned businesses—EPIC Everyday Amazon Store.

In the future, Cara and Jenae would like to offer internships and grants to HBCU students to give them experiential learning and help them develop entrepreneurial skills. MWBC congratulates them on their tremendous success and wish them continued future growth.