At MWBC, we love to celebrate Maryland’s entrepreneurial spirit and small business success stories. Many of the clients we serve are entrepreneurs of color. We are honored to connect them to training, counseling, and funding resources that prepare them to create sustainable and scalable enterprises that build wealth, create jobs, and strengthen our communities. 

During Black History Month, we’re pleased to highlight some Black, women-owned businesses we’ve assisted on their entrepreneurial journey. These women have channeled their passion and talents into successful entities that are making a difference.

Aisha Khadar, founder of Sha’s Creations, formulates organic skincare products and operates a licensed MedSpa. Image Courtesy of The MoCo Show Blog.


  Another success story we’re proud to feature is Aisha (Sha) Khadar of Sha’s Creations. In 2017, Sha began making 100% organic body products to help correct skin problems that her family and friends struggled with. Her passion for helping women and men overcome skin and body issues—which also affect their happiness and confidence levels—led to the mission behind her brand. Sha’s products are completely natural, handmade, and hypoallergenic. Customers receive a highly-personal, free consulting experience to help them carefully choose the right products and skin care solutions. 

Her initial success created an opportunity for Sha to join the second cohort of women-owned retailers featured in MWBC’s business incubator–MWBC’s Shop Local located in Rockville Town Square. She also graduated from the Montgomery County Economic Development Incubator Program, which further honed her business savvy. 


When the pandemic hit, Sha pivoted her operations to help supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the community. She received a grant from Montgomery County’s Local Production Fund, which she used to manufacture hand sanitizer and liquid disinfecting soaps. She continued to work hard and grow her client base, support online and ShopLocal sales, and build an incredibly supportive social media community. She is featured in the MoCo Marketplace, a digital directory featuring shops, restaurants, and makers located within Montgomery County. Her products are also available online at Amazon and Walmart. 

Her business growth hit another huge milestone when she opened her first brick and mortar location in Leisure World Plaza in early 2021. The shop features premium, homemade soaps and a skincare line that helps with skin correction, skin protection, anti-aging, body oils, and more. Sha’s Creations also opened a full, licensed medical body spa (MedSpa), which offers many services including facials, manicures, and body contouring. 

Visit the spa at:
3836 International Drive
Leisure World Plaza
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Or online at:

Content contributors include The MoCo Show Blog and MoCo Marketplace

Grand Opening of Sha’s Creations. Image Courtesy of VisitMontgomery Directory.



Learn more about Sha’s Creations in this great video from Made in Montgomery! 

Throughout the month, we’ll continue to highlight a few more Black, women-owned businesses we’ve proudly assisted on their entrepreneurial journey.