By Rita Cordero, REDI Intern

What’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up? Most likely you answered check your phone. From the moment we hop out of bed to the time we lay back down, we are constantly refreshing our social media pages and bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information from every angle. Pictures of smiling faces, trendy clothes, and news fill our screens. So how do brands grab our attention? What makes them stand out from the herd of companies trying to get you to buy their products? That’s what I’m here to answer. As a frequent social media user, I have come to learn what works and what doesn’t. Below, I will share four tips and tricks to catch the eye of a millennial or anyone for that matter, and hold their attention for longer than 10 seconds!

1. Have a cause!

As a woman, I’m attracted to brands that go beyond the standards of marketing, and connect to something bigger than the newest and coolest thing. For example, brands like TOMS and Warby Parker have a “one for one” system where for every pair of shoes or glasses bought—a pair is donated in return to someone in need. It’s a powerful statement when brands go out of their way to support members of the community, and promote unity. When brands openly express their causes on social media platforms like Instagram, I’m more inclined to further explore their products and contribute to the cause myself.

2. Keep your slogan simple: #Hashtag it!

Hashtags are a great way to get consumers involved and deeply connect to your cause.  Both American Eagle Outfitters and Lancôme have used hashtags to convey their most recent campaigns. AEO hashtagged the statement “I Can” in reference to celebrating one’s unique qualities and Lancôme hashtagged their “Declaring Happiness campaign”—both positive messages.  These simple phrases are easy to remember and deliver a constant reminder. I have also seen the hashtags used by other people I follow—often brand ambassadors endorsing the products.

3. Have an Authentic Voice: Ambassadors  

On multiple occasions, I’ve been scrolling through my feed or watching YouTube videos and saw or heard someone familiar praise the same brands I saw earlier in the day. For example, one of my favorite YouTubers, Este Lalonde, is a Lancôme ambassador whose reviews have opened me up to exploring more of their products due to the fact that I trust her opinion. Her authentic voice and message makes me more willing to try unfamiliar products.

An honest opinion from a brand influencer is incredibly persuasive, and I have often bought a product or visited a place of business based on their recommendation.

4. Partnerships

I recently noticed TOMS brand partnered with Elle Rowley, founder of Solly Baby Wrap. In an Instagram video, Rowley discussed the importance of having access to quality healthcare, and TOMS shoes were featured in the background. This video not only displayed TOMS shoes, but connected them to a universal cause that resonates with many people. Viewers may feel a greater connection to the TOMS brand based off this partnership, and their belief that healthcare should be accessible to all. Everyone loves to feel connected to something and partnerships help make this possible and mutually beneficial to all parties.

In conclusion, fashion has always been one of my passions not only for the clothes themselves, but for the confidence that the right outfit can instill. Brands that endorse the power of confidence through clothing in their Instagram photos or ambassador-produced YouTube videos always provide me with a stronger connection to the brands themselves. Every time I scroll through my feed one last time before I get some much needed beauty sleep, I’m reminded of this sense of confidence and look forward to making a purchase or two in the day to come.


Rita Cordero is a rising senior at James Hubert Blake High School and is currently interning with Rockville Economic Development Inc. She is interested in marketing and management and perhaps focusing on event or wedding planning as she looks towards the future.