As we continue our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to feature Martha Jimenez, MWBC’s Program Manager for Montgomery County. Her passionate support of minority women entrepreneurs, including the retail entrepreneurs she coaches through MWBC Shop Local is a vital part of our continued success. Here’s part of her story:

Living in the United States provides many opportunities as an individual, but it also entails breaking some cultural conventions. Christmas celebrations are one of the things I miss the most. In Colombia, we get into the Christmas mood in early December, and beginning on December 16th, we celebrate with family and friends every night until Christmas Eve, when we complete the day with a midnight supper and gift opening. Finally, we end the holidays on New Year’s Day, after which we have at least one more week of vacation in regions with great weather, such as beaches and amazing destinations around the country.

As a Hispanic woman, it is an honor to serve women entrepreneurs because, as an immigrant, mother, wife, business owner, and grandmother, I understand the difficulties that come with doing business in the United States. Supporting businesswomen involves not just assisting them in achieving their goals, but also positively impacting the lives of their families and communities. Currently, I am delighted to have coached and instructed more than 1,600 women, teaching them how to handle all areas of their enterprises in order to create economic impact and be a part of the American economy.