We’re thrilled to announce that we have completed a successful migration to a new client management system called GrowthWheel®. It offers two portals for business counseling and training that will improve our services and create value for our clients. 

  • Advising Portal: GrowthWheel Online® is a visual toolbox and cloud-based platform to help entrepreneurs in the Maryland Capital Region see a 360° view of their businesses in order to make decisions and take action.
  • Training/Events Portal: GrowthWheel Academy® is a learning management system with an interactive calendar of upcoming training and events as well as OnDemand learning options.

With GrowthWheel®, our business consultants gain access to powerful tools that will help our clients:

  • Facilitate everyday decision-making.
  • Access a visual toolkit for dialogue, focus, agenda setting, decision-making, and action taking.
  • Offer an action-oriented process to support your business growth.
  • Help you identify areas to focus on for strengthening and expanding your business.

Our successful migration has created in a few changes in how MWBC clients sign up for business counseling and training. Please review the new process for each type of service below. 


To Sign Up for MWBC Business Counseling

It is not necessary to have a GrowthWheel® account to receive business counseling services.

  • All counseling engagements will be documented through our Advising Portal: GrowthWheel Online®.
    • Our MWBC consultants will continue to schedule your next counseling session before the end of your current session.
    • If you have previously worked with an MWBC consultant but do not have a session scheduled, you can request a counseling session by emailing us at info@marylandwbc.org.
    • If you have never received a counseling session, visit https://marylandwbc.org/business-counseling/ to sign up for a counselor in your area.

To Sign Up for
MWBC Training & Events

You must have a GrowthWheel account to register for MWBC training and events and access free OnDemand courses.

  • Registration for all MWBC training and events will be scheduled through our Training/Events Portal: GrowthWheel Academy®.
    • If you have registered or attended MWBC trainings or events in the past, you already have an account that we migrated over for you. On October 2, we emailed  current account holders with a new login, password, and instructions on how to activate your new account. If you did not receive that email (be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder), contact us at info@marylandwbc.org for assistance.
    • If you have never registered for or participated in an MWBC training or event before, you will need to create an account. Click this link to begin: Register for a GrowthWheel Training/Events Account.
  • Once you have activated your account or registered for a new account, you will have access to all MWBC’s training and events, PLUS free OnDemand courses to support your small business. Visit https://marylandwbc.academy.growthwheel.com to begin.

We are so excited that our migration is complete and we can begin to use the GrowthWheel® Advising Portal and GrowthWheel® Training Portal to better support the entrepreneurs and small businesses in Maryland’s Capital Region. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@marylandwbc.org.