Our partner, Verizon, has something incredible to help small businesses thrive: Verizon Small Business Digital Ready. This FREE online platform provides you with the right resources to support your business growth as well as your professional development. When you register, you gain immediate access to training, growth strategies, advice, and a supportive community to give your small business a big-time boost. Resources are available in English and Spanish (select your preferred language when you register).
By joining Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, you’ll not only get access to courses, live coaching sessions led by industry experts, and insightful resources, but you’ll also be able to apply for an exclusive pool of $10,000 small business grants.
To unlock the application for the current round of grant funding, register on Verizon Small Business Digital Ready and complete any combination of two courses, coaching events, or community events between now and May 12, 2023. Hurry! Grant applications due by May 12, 2023*.
Watch the video below to learn more and sign up today!
Need help registering? Contact one of MWBC’s Business Consultants by calling (301) 315-8091.
¿Sabías? ¡Verizon Small Business Digital Ready ahora ofrece clases y sesiones de capacitación exclusivamente en español! Cuando te registres, selecciona español como idioma de preferencia para desbloquear estos recursos.
English Translation: Did You Know? Verizon Small Business Digital Ready now offers classes and coaching sessions exclusively in Spanish! When you register, select Spanish as your language preference to unlock these resources.
*Applicants will be notified about whether or not they have been selected to receive grant funding the week of May 18, 2023.