MWBC excitedly welcomed its new cohort into the Shop Local Retail Incubator program on July 1, 2022! Through the program, MWBC will work with these talented businesswomen as they continue on their entrepreneurial journey.  

Throughout the course of the year, these local, women-owned businesses will explore the nuances of brick and mortar sales as they operate their retail enterprises out of Shop Local, located in Rockville Town Square. While running their businesses, these women entrepreneurs will also receive incredible amounts of free support to help grow their business and their entrepreneurial skills, including:

  • valuable business training
  • coaching and guidance from MWBC business consultants 
  • sales and business growth strategies
  • networking opportunities
  • access to investors, and in some cases, working capital in the form of a loan or grant from local resources
  • recognition and marketing from MWBC and its partners.

Follow all of MWBC’s Shop Local activities on Instagram and be sure to support these wonderful, women-owned businesses.  Let’s meet the latest Shop Local Sellers:


Contour Couture Kitchen
Owner, Rachelle

Contour Couture Kitchen strives to bring value to its customers with the most affordable, yet the best selection, in cookware that is edgy, heat resistant, and multi-use to inspire cooking endlessly and efficiently. We also create herbal teas—organically treated and locally sourced with the best tasting all natural organic ingredients to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Our vision as an online kitchen store is to satisfy the needs of an everyday cook with high quality and durable kitchenware to cook for themselves, family or friends in every home.

IG: @contourcouturekitchen



Pink Island Crochet
Owner, Zarena

Greetings and welcome to Pink Island Crochet! I am Zarena, the owner and creator of this diverse and colorful vision. As a Pediatric Medic and artistic musician, I am on my journey of fulfilling my purpose as a pediatric healer. It is my passion to blend music/art therapy with holistic medicine to heal pediatric dysfunction at its root cause. I started my business to extend my healing light into the universe through creation. During this phase in my journey, I crochet handmade delicacies and create luxury candles that bring comfort to your homes. I use high quality yarns. I also hand blend my coconut-soy wax. I utilize pure essential oils in my candles to ensure a holistic approach to sustainability and eco-friendly aromas. I infuse my diverse multiracial/cultural background into all of my creations. I welcome you to experience this beautiful diversity within each of my product lines. May you find comfort and love from my creations, which are all crocheted with diverse love.


Acid Jayne Design
Owner, Jayne 

I’ve always wanted to help people. In my previous career as a social worker, my goal was to help people accept, embody, and express who they genuinely are, regardless of what the world thinks. Through Acid Jayne, I’ve been able to continue that mission by providing people with a way to communicate what is inside themselves through wearable, usable art. I love combining different shapes, colors, and accents to create beautiful, fun, functional pieces that, like acid rain, leave a lasting impact on their environment. I hope to use my own creative journey to inspire others to share and celebrate who they really are.

Etsy Shop:
IG: @acidjayne




Owner, Diana 

As a mother of 3 children and founder and CEO of PEACENIKCO, I started my shop as a hobby after having my daughter, Daniella. I love designing and adding new products to the store. I wanted to share my love for hand-crafted things with others. I love creating real pieces to add a unique touch to your home and everyday life. I am passionate about using the highest quality materials and partnering with ethical companies to provide you with the best products. I love neutral colors to create bohemian-inspired products. Everything I make is done with lots of love and gratitude.